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Catskill Hudson AHEC works with hospitals, healthcare organizations, schools, at-risk youth organizations, and BOCES within our 11-county region to develop and support programs that expose youth to future health career possibilities and develop an understanding of the current studies necessary to achieve the academic requirements needed to pursue their chosen health profession.

To date, thousands of medical, pre-medical, nursing and health professions students were placed with hundreds of teachers at community-based training sites. Tens of thousands of young people, ages 10-17, have received exposure to healthcare careers and health professionals through the fun and interactive activities of our health career youth programs.

If you are a student interested in learning more about a career in healthcare, or a teacher or preceptor looking to get involved in programs that expose our young people to healthcare professions, please contact us for more information.

For more information about our Health Career Youth Program for grades K through 12, please visit our program page.


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Medical and Nursing Student Resources

Medical Student Prescriber-Level Training Programs

and Community Rotation Resources (as of Nov. 2019)

Institute for Family Health – Internships/Volunteer Opportunities (New York City; mid-Hudson Valley)

Institute for Family Health – Medical School Student Rotations/Residencies (NYC; mid-Hudson Valley)

Institute for Family Health – Family Medicine Residency Program – Mid-Hudson Valley

Nuvance Health – Graduate Medical Education (Hudson Valley/western Connecticut)

Bassett Healthcare Network – Medical Education Programs (Catskills region)

College Students Guide to Ergonomics

HRHCare – Nurse Practitioner Residency Program (Hudson Valley)

Marist College – Physician Assistant Program (Dutchess County)

New York Medical College of Touro College Rotations (Westchester County)

Orange Regional Medical Center (Middletown, Orange County) – Medical Education

Albany Medical College – Residencies and Fellowships

Touro College of Dental Education at New York Medical College (Westchester County)

Dominican College – Family Nurse Practitioner Program (Rockland County)

Adelphi University – Graduate Nursing and Nurse Practitioner Training

Ellenville Regional Hospital – New York’s Smallest Teaching Hospital

Mount Saint Mary College – Nurse Practitioner Programs, 2019-2020 (Orange County)

Westchester Medical Center – Graduate Medical Education

Upstate Medical University – Graduate Medical Education (Syracuse)

Upstate Medical University – Nurse Practitioner Program (Syracuse)

Montefiore – Residencies and Fellowships

University of Connecticut School of Medicine – Visiting Student Program

Quinnipiac University Frank J. Netter School of Medicine – Clinical Partnerships

Site for locating short-term student housing: